400 тем по английскому языку (параллельные тексты русс/анг)

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About Myself
About My Family
My School (1)
My School (2)
School Life
The Subjects We Do at School. My Favourite Subject (1)
The Subjects We Studied at School. My Favourite Subject (2)
The School I would Like
My Flat (1)
My Flat (2)
My Week-day (1)
My Week-day (2)
My Week-day (3)
My Week-day (4)
My Day off (1)
My Days off (2)
My Days off (3)
My Daily Routine
My Household Duties (1)
My Household Duties (2)
My Hobby
Summer Holidays
Travelling (1)
Travelling (2)
Travelling (3)
My Room
The Town of My Dream
My Friends
My Friend
My Friend Marina
The Seasons of the Year. My Favourite Season (1)
My Favourite Season (2)
Seasons and Months
Seasons and Weather (1)
Seasons and Weather (2)
English Has no Equals!
The English Language
How do I Learn English
English is the Language of Communication
Foreign Languages in Our Life
Environmental Pollution
Ecological Problems
Mass Media (1)
Mass Media (2)
Newspaper Reporting
At Library. My School Library (1)
At Library. My School Library (2)
Books in Our Life
My Favourite Book
My Favourite English Writer
My Favorite Literary Character
The Book-bag
My Going to the Cinema
A Visit to the Cinema
Television in Our Life
The Best Film I Have Ever Seen
My Favourite Film (1)
My Favourite Film (2)
My Favourite Film (3)
My Favourite Actors
My Favourite Actor. Kevin Costner — Actor Come Producer
My Favourite TV Programme
At the Theatre
Music in Our Life
The Tretyakov Gallery
The Hermitage
My Favourite English Painter
At the Post-Office (1)
At the Post-Office (2)
Shopping (1)
Shopping (2)
My Usual Shopping Round
My Family’s Meals
Table Manners
Appearance and Manners
St. Valentine’s Day (1)
St. Valentine’s Day (2)
Christmas (1)
Christmas (2)
My Mother’s Birthday
My Birthday
Olympic Games
The History of the Olympic Games
Sport in Our Life
Summer and Winter Sports
Sport in My School
My Favourite Sport
Space Exploration
The Road to the Stars
Star Signs
Virtual Reality
Choosing a Career
My Future Profession
My Plans for the Future
I Want to be a Programmer
Teacher of English
The Profession of Sociologist
I Want to be a Doctor
I Want to be a Businessman
I Want to be a Journalist
I Want to be an Interpreter
Great Britain
The Geographical Position of Great Britain
The Climate of Great Britain (1)
The Climate of Great Britain (2)
The Climate of Great Britain (3)
The Population of the British Isles
Scotland (1)
Scotland (2)
Northern Ireland
Other English-speaking Countries
The Structure of Government in Great Britain
Forming a Government. The Cabinet
Parliament. The Palace of Westminster
British Institutions
Margaret Thatcher
The British Education System. State Education in Britain (1)
The British Education System. Private Education (2)
Education in Britain (3)
National Emblems of the United Kingdom
The Royal Family
Diana — the People’s Princess
Goodbye, England’s Rose
Religion in Great Britain
The Towns of Great Britain
London (1)
London (2)
The Tower of London
Restaurants in London
London Traffic
Oxford — the University Town
Outstanding Events in the History of Great Britain
Places of Interest in Great Britain
British Museums
British Literature
The Problem of Environmental Protection in Great Britain
Britain’s Ecological Activity
Meals in Britain (1)
Meals in Britain (2)
British Cuisine
Christmas in Great Britain
Sport in Great Britain (1)
Sport in Great Britain (2)
Sport in Great Britain (3)
Transport in Britain
«Unwritten Rules» of Great Britain
The British Media
Newspapers in Britain
British Homes
Family Life in Britain
The Superstitions in Britain
The Irish Abroad
The Irish Language and Literature
Wigs and Lawyers
Tea is the Most Popular Drink in Britain
A «Leisure Society»
Pubs in Great Britain
The Irish Music
Spirits in Ireland
The United States of America (1)
The United States of America (2)
The US Government
The Higher Organs of Power in the USA
The US Congress
Elections in the USA
George Washington
Washington (1)
Washington (2)
Washington (3)
New York (1)
New York (2)
San Francisco
American Symbols
The Discovery of America (1)
The Discovery of America (2)
American Homes (1)
American Homes (2)
California Lifestyles
Traditional American Food
The Story of «McDonald’s» and «Coca-Cola»
Schools Abroad
Independence Day
Sport in the USA (1)
Sport in the USA (2)
Sport in the USA (3)
Great Britain and the USA: Life of Youth
Hobbies in UK and the USA
Fashion in the USA and Britain
History of Canada
Australia (1)
Australia (2)
Christmas in Australia
The Animals of Australia
Sport in Australia
New Zealand
New Zealand Way of Life
The British Painters
The Most Popular British Writers
Russian writers of 19th Century
William Shakespeare (1)
William Shakespeare (2)
William Shakespeare (3)
Shakespeare’s Birthplace
Charles Dickens (1)
Charles Dickens (2)
Robert Burns (1)
Robert Burns (2)
Robert Burns (3)
Oscar Wilde
Jerome К. Jerome
Charlotte Bronte
Lewis Carroll
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Mark Twain
Jack London
Conan Doyle
James Aldridge
Jules Verne
Pushkin and Our Time
Vincent Van Gogh
Wolfgang Mozart
Mikhail Lomonosov
Isaac Newton
Michael Faraday
Thomas Edison
Franklin and Jefferson
Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov — the Founder of Practical Cosmonautics
Yuri Gagarin — a Modern Columbus

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